Ten best (and sweetest) rock beards in Denver

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Jon Solomon

5. Robert Schneider of the Apples in Stereo
Over the years, Apples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider has sported various lengths of beards, but the dude usually seems to keep it in check without getting too crazy. While Schneider technically receives his mail elsewhere these days, he'll forever be associated with Denver.

Jon Solomon

4. Luke Fairchild of Git Some/Kingdom of Magic
One of the most frenetic frontmen in town, Luke Fairchild also sports one of the burliest and badass beards in Denver. Dude keeps it tight and long, and it's every bit as imposing as his bands' heavy live shows.

Jon Solomon

3. Eric Fuller of To Be Eaten
Fuller's beard is so thick it looks like a few beaver tails stacked on each other. The thing is rugged and heavy-duty, just like To Be Eaten's music. There's a good chance that if something got lost in there, it might be a while before it resurfaces.


2. Rob Burleson (aka Number 3)
A drummer for numerous local acts over the years, including, most recently, Lion Sized, who called it quits earlier this year, Burleson no doubt keeps his whiskers in check, and he even won an award for best beard at last year's Denver County Fair. Since Burleson looks like he combs his beard quite a bit, he's probably got the best-groomed one of the bunch.


1. Andy Hamilton of Houses
Sure, Hamilton might have recently trimmed everything but the mustache, but he still gets the number-one spot in our books for a legendary beard of near-ZZ Top proportions that had to have been many, many years in the works.

With or without the beard, Andy Hamilton has the most righteous facial hair in Denver.

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

To Be Eaten , is the only band mentioned I'd pay to see more than once....

That first shot was AWESOME ! Wad that photo the contributors doing ???

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