More fun with animated GIFs: See the smooth moves of the world's top DJs and producers

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The chief criticism of electronic dance music and its massive rise to prominence is that there just isn't much going on behind the tables. Detractors contend that the DJs and producers that command capacity crowds these days bring little more to the party than a bunch of bells and whistles -- or LEDs and lasers, as the case may be. There's more to it than just twisting knobs and tweaking samples; they must also know how to move. We've compiled the signature dance moves of some of the biggest names in EDM that have come through this past year, from Skrillex and Bassnectar to Kaskade and Pretty Lights. Keep reading to see them all get down with their bad selves.

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10. DirtyLoud
DirtyLoud brought the clean bass at the inaugural Global Dub Fest at Red Rocks this past spring. Like most rookies on the stage at Red Rocks, one half of Dirtyloud snapped a crowd photo for the memory banks while the other enjoyed the moment. Some of you are in that photo, so basically you're, like, famous.
9. Flux Pavilion
Flux Pavilion blew up with several catchy bass lines that nabbed the attention of bros, bass-heads and the like. His songs follow the same mantra as his dance moves, which is basically "hook, drop, repeat," so it makes sense that his signature move would be the same.
8. Paper Diamond
Alex Botwin (aka Alex B) sits behind a humble LED screen, bobbing and swaying along, waiting for the right moment to drop the next heater -- or take a sip of his beverage. The fact is, Paper Diamond shows rage; he just feeds the crowd with musical energy.

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