Atmosphere at the Ogden Theatre, 9/21/12

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Britt Chester


If a journey through the archives of Atmosphere's extensive music history wasn't enough to blow the pants off a sold-out Ogden, then a freestyle session to close the night certainly was. What started as a subtle track laid down by the beat-boxing loop master himself, Carnage, turned into one of the dopest freestyles that a collection of rhymesayers has ever dropped in Denver. Yes, God still loves ugly, but Denver loves Atmosphere more.

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The fact that Slug, aka Sean Daly, can come out and rap songs that are fifteen years old and garner the same response he did when they were originally composed is amazing. Granted, the Twin Cities duo of Slug and Ant has grown up and evolved out of the hatred of a faceless Lucy Ford and turned into a lethal powerhouse of remorse-filled professionals who dedicated too much of their lives to music. Slug's love and hatred of his fame comes out in all of his songs, and the audience eats it all up. Last night, "Trying to Find a Balance" was one of the opening songs, and with the microphone away from his lips, Slug let the crowd take over.

Britt Chester

The Ogden was filled to the hilt with rabid fans. It was apparent why tickets sold out months in advance, and that became obvious when the backing track was provided by the crowd instead of Ant on nearly every track performed. Newer hits like "Shoulda Known" off the 2008 When Life Gives you Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold were immediately followed by earlier works such as "Guns and Cigarettes," which will always be hits but come out at every stop. Check the underside of any Ogden fan's album, and you can guarantee it's scratched to hell and memorized from beginning to end.

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Ogden Theatre

935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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