Denver music field guide, chapter two: Five kinds of music fans and how to spot them

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All illustrations by Noah Van Sciver

The city of Denver is known for its various species of beer geeks, outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans, but the varied climate of the Denver music scene cultivates a diverse cluster of fans, from metal heads to hippies to Juggalos. Here, in the first of several chapters in our handy field guide, you'll find colorful illustrations and descriptions of the most common fans in the Mile High City. Consider this a cheat sheet for astute people-watchers to help identify the breeds that inhabit our fine city, as well as tips on where to locate them.

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raver  noah van sciver.jpg

There's a reason that Denver is one of only four stops on the Global Dance Festival tour and that electronic dance music has made a home here: The scene is strong here, and ravers can enjoy the multitude of electronic artists that come through town and feel comfortable donning neon American Apparel to their heart's delight. See also: PLUR.
Characteristics: Plans year around STS9 at Red Rocks, Camp Bisco, Skylab and Caffeine. Travels only by party bus. Wears old festival bracelets and newly beaded bracelets. Keeps a supply of glow sticks handy. Neutral colors have been nixed from their closets.
Native Habitat: The parking lots at Red Rocks, arena raves.
Mating Ground: A tent, located at whichever festival they might be at.
Consumes: Water.

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