Press Play arcade bar is now open for business in Boulder in the former Round Midnight space

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A year after opening the 1UP in LoDo, business was so good Jourdan Adler took over the former Monkey Bar and opened it as the 2UP last June. Now, inspired by the success of arcade bars, Jesse Gossett and Mike Boselli took over the former Round Midnight space, which closed recently after a three-decade run, rehabbed the space in the span of a week and a half, doing most of the construction themselves, and re-opened it as Press Play last Friday.

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Gossett says they've partnered with a guy from Mile High Arcade and Vending, and he'll be bringing in new games every day since he's constantly working on games and fixing them. Being born and raised in Boulder, Gossett and Boselli say they both went to Round Midnight in their twenties and the underground space reminded them of the Pinball Palace, the subterranean arcade that used to be a few blocks east on the Pearl Street Mall.

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Press Play

1005 Pearl St., Boulder, CO

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Does this place have twiiter or FB pg? Went there had a great time!


@sarajhill walked by there last night & some carnival barker duder was yellin at me to play their vintage arcade games. I chucked .25$ athim

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