Thee Oh Sees at Gothic Theatre, 9/13/12

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Eric Gruneisen


Since playing Rhinoceropolis in 2007, Thee Oh Sees have progressively worked their way through the daisy chain of Denver venues from Bender's Tavern to Moe's Original BBQ. Last night, the San Francisco band headlined the Gothic and blasted everyone with an infectious madness, bringing as much volume, chaos and irreverence as they would have in their earlier days of playing warehouse shows. Playing squeal-pop hits off their latest release, Putrifiers II, Thee Oh Sees double bill with Ty Segall made for a nice Bay Area package of ear splitting goodness.

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Eric Gruneisen

Opening with "The Dream" off their 2011 EP Carrion Crawler/The Dream, the Thee Oh Sees were lead by John Dwyer, who flipped his shaggy hair like a possessed rooster while absently spitting on the floor and walls. The band was packed tight together, the drummer uncharacteristically placed up front, with the two guitarists bracketing him and keyboardist/singer Brigid Dawson tucked away behind all the action. The arrangement seemed like a conscious effort to reverse the typical rock show setup, taking the gorgeous female singer away from the hungry eyes of the crowd, leaving her obscured in the dark and replacing her with a sweaty drummer under the bright spotlight.

The harmonies of Dwyer and Dawson could be at once bubble-gum catchy and Twilight Zone creepy, best seen in the Grindhouse style romper "Ghost in the Trees." While the two guitarists kept their instruments strapped tightly below their necks, the band, at times, digressed into fiery jam sessions in songs like "Block of Ice," giving a special tension to the already cranked up audience.

Eric Gruneisen

The reason the crowd was already as wound up as a humming bird in a wind tunnel was due to the physiological marathon that was Ty Segall's set earlier in the evening. The Bay Area wunderkind delivered some raw, boyish energy with his straight-forward Detroit blues-punk and charmingly juvenile stage presence.

While less instrumentally ornate than Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall's band had a much thicker foundation -- primarily due to some bulldozer-heavy bass playing -- allowing the cracked-speaker highs something to comfortably rest upon. Despite his music never straying very far from a traditional five-bar blues, the real honey is in his wild inflection, the primal energy he blasts into every note of each song, like an insubordinate banshee refuting the death of rock and roll.

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