My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult at the Bluebird Theater, with Left Spine Down, 9/19/12

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Tom Murphy


It comes as a bit of a shock when people slam into you for the first time after a dozen songs. That's exactly what happened last night when My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult dialed up "After the Flesh." From the start of the sample and the beat, everyone recognized the song immediately and reacted with crazed abandon. It was the only time in the show when things got a little gnarly down front. That track is one of the most aggressive tracks in the act's repertoire, so that's probably why.

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Tom Murphy
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult at Bluebird Theater

The show started with a dimly lit stage and Mimi Star playing a simple bassline that served as a foundation for what turned out to be "TV Sista." Groovie Mann sauntered on to stage after the rest of his bandmates got the music going. He was dressed in all leathers, like Jim Morrison, with sunglasses to top off the look. Pulling from the breadth of its career, except for Death Threat, TKK treated us to a vivid and powerful reminder of the range of music it wrote from the very beginning.

Sure, the production on the records is excellent, but nothing replaces having Groovie Mann gesture dramatically or rearing back to let out an accent on a lyric as the band swells the music. When the band performed "Badlife," it was striking to realize that song came out nineteen years ago because its amalgamation of lounge, disco and electro pop sounded even more relevant given current trends in music. As the world caught up again to post-punk, synth pop and new wave in the last decade and a half, it's probably not long before TKK's take on industrial creeps back into the popular consciousness in a more fully-realized way than it has already.

Tom Murphy

Naturally when "Sex On Wheelz" started up with a tease of a guitar line, people cheered and sang along. Before that, Beki Colada joined the band on stage for "Easy Girl" and a bar was set up on stage left with a bartender wearing a glittery, red devil mask. After that, she joined Groovie Mann center stage to share lead vocal duties, most prominently on the Bomb Gang Girlz's song, "Sez Who." She really added another layer of sensuality to music that already has plenty of it, and she could hold her own with Mann vocally, and her dance skills matched his own fluid grace.

It came as no surprise that the band played "Days of Swine and Roses," but getting to see it in person once again made it more obvious how fun a song it is, and with Star's bass work alongside the persistent electronic bass notes augmenting the low end together, it hit a little harder. During "After the Flesh," lights flashed on stage to highlight the frantic and nearly disjointed pace of the music, and Groovie Mann gestured like an urban wizard as he and Colada played off each other both vocally and in their movements. When the song ended, Mann thanked us and the place went dark as TKK left the stage.

Tom Murphy
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult at Bluebird Theater

The band came back on and treated us to an older song, "Glamour is a Rocky Road," followed by a thrilling rendition of "Kooler Than Jesus" that morphed directly into "Cuz It's Hot," a song from I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits. Mann felt so moved by the enthusiasm of the people that he lingered on stage a moment before the lights and music came on to let us know this colorful and theatrical show had come to an end.

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Exactly the same happened at the NYC show last night - when After The Flesh came on :)

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