Savoy at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 9/7/12

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Britt Chester

Behind a cloud of smoke and haze, the members of Savoy took to their raised podiums in front of a frenzied Red Rocks last night behind a glowing panel of pulsing lights that simply read "SAVOY." This build-up to the first drop was crucial, steadily adding to the anticipation with yelps of joy from the crowd at each tease. When the group finally delivered the entree, they served a feast of electronica with a generous helping of lasers.

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Savoy, who found fame and recognition while attending the University of Colorado in Boulder (and whose members have since graduated) have reached the ranks of the world's top DJs. Distanced from any distracting, and often obnoxious, over-the-top light show, the DJs-plus-drummer didn't have anything to prove to their alma mater other than the fact that they are progressing into a new realm of dance music.

Thankfully, at no point during the night did the audience hear their remix of "We No Speak Americano," though it's arguably be the song that turned so many on to Savoy. Instead, they delivered a diverse set of old and new tracks including many off their latest effort, Supertrail, a seven-track EP released for free on August 28.

It's not easy to pick out each sample and cut used during the set, but that doesn't mean the big bangers weren't recognizable. "Devil's on Horseback" recalled the style of Deadmau5 (think early 'Mau5, like the days of "Ghosts n Stuff") with an enthusiastic build, culminating in a venue-joining drop that the crowd ate up.

Britt Chester
Ben Eberdt and Gray Smith, the two masterminds behind the controllers, don't follow any sort of formal structure for a show. If a drop is coming, they have no problem dialing it back and teasing the crowd. It's noticeable, and quite funny in fact, watching the crowd wait and wait until they do deliver -- but then it's pure insanity. Granted, the venue wasn't full, but the energy levels were set to "rage," and those goals were certainly met with each new track delivery.

Above the crowd, the ceiling appeared painted through the haze and smoke thanks to the cross-hatched rainbow spectrum of seven lasers spraying the mountainside, crossing the otherwise open-air venue and creating a club environment. Savoy's music is the perfect blend of several subgenres of electro (house, complextro, dubstep, etc), with random sprinkles of heavy bass, but it relies mostly on the non-stop, fast-paced beats that skyrocketed them to success to begin with.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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Hate to be that guy! But the name of the EP is Supertrail, and it dropped the 28th.

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