Science Partner at Larimer Lounge, 9/14/12

Tom Murphy
Science Partner at Larimer Lounge

After ten songs, the audience didn't want Science Partner to go -- so Tyler Despres, Maria Kohler and Jess DeNicola stayed on stage to do their original Miley Cyrus-themed song. Despres had joked about how if the audience knew the words, it could sing along and that if it didn't, it could anyway. But they didn't have to worry: So many people in the audience knew the words to this absurd ode to child stars, though "Child Stars" had been performed earlier in the set. One gauge of knowing you've connected with people is seeing them recite the words to your songs; and throughout this show, the audience knew the material well.

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Tom Murphy
Science Partner at Larimer Lounge
Opening the show with "Bee is a Bee," Kohler and DeNicola harmonized effortlessly through its breezy doo-wop intro to create a song that used dynamics and space masterfully. In some sections, the band came together for a warm, resonant sound and in others, the musicians mostly backed off to allow Despres, Kohler and DeNicola to play off one another vocally. Sure, all this stuff is worked out in advance, but possibly because these people don't get to practice together often (especially Charlie Hine, who lives in San Francisco) the show's freshness and spontaneity persisted to the end.

Running through most of the songs from Rocky Mountain News, this show felt like a band rediscovering a classic album and the reason it enjoyed those songs in the first place. When there were mistakes (few and minor at worst), the band laughed them off and moved on. The night featured plenty of charmingly self-effacing, but never excessive or cutting, humor from Despres between songs, and Kohler also got out a good one-liner or two. After "Animal" she said, "That song taught me how to fadeout dance." She then proceeded to demonstrate the dance she had just done.

To be fair, Kohler had some good dance moves all through the show.

Tom Murphy
Science Partner at Larimer Lounge
During "Child Stars," Carl Sorensen must have been rocking a little harder than he thought or some mechanical failure suddenly struck, because some of his drum set fell over and his bandmates helped put everything to right. But this didn't deter anyone or throw the band out of sorts: Instead, Sorensen jovially counted off and everyone went right back into the song, as though this little interruption was planned -- but of course it wasn't. It was just impressive to see the band immediately regain its momentum.

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