Wiz Khalifa at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, with Mac Miller and Chevy Woods, 9/1/12

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Eric Gruneisen
Wiz Khalifa at Red Rocks this past weekend.


Should you find yourself standing in front of a sold-out Red Rocks crowd that has their hands up in the air bobbing along with your opening beat, take a cue from Wiz Khalifa and assume your place at the throne by doing exactly what you want for an entire hour. The genius behind the "Kush and OJ" mixtape opened the night with "Cabin Fever." With a full band backing him, Khalifa stormed the stage clad in a leather jacket and fedora, dancing behind his scarf wrapped microphone stand.

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Eric Gruneisen

"Cabin Fever" was just the start of the insanity, as an incessant cloud of smoke began billowing from the steps. Khalifa is no stranger to the ganja, and with frequent requests and nods to the amazing kush in Colorado, it was apparent that there was no shortage people who had packed a blunt or two.

Eric Gruneisen
Wiz Khalifa and his band rocking out at Red Rocks.

Surprisingly, Khalifa's set seemed rather tame given his rawer style of his radio tracks. Even so, he showcased plenty of vocal prowess and a keen ability to mesh with the live instrumentation. Each musician was given their moment in the spotlight, but it was the drummer who stole the show momentarily with a double-bass thumping solo -- heavy on the high hats -- and with the fervor of any rock drummer. Just following this brief interlude, Khalifa's keyboardist introduced the catchy keys of "Young, Wild and Free."

Eric Gruneisen
Wiz Khalifa urging the crowd to stay "Young, Wild and Free."

Since it hit the airwaves, the track has more or less become the anthem of nearly every college kid in America. Espousing the idea of partying and being care-free, the song advocates not caring because it's just about having fun. Sure, it's pretty corny and seemingly custom built to fire up sororities or fraternities before a night on the town, but people love it, and it can probably be credited as one the reasons Red Rocks was sold out.

Eric Gruneisen

"Ink My Whole Body" was perhaps the most exciting part of the night, with Khalifa revealing his entire chest, arms and neck, proudly displaying his thoughts on getting tattooed. No Khalifa show is complete without a tribute to his hometown of Pittsburgh, and when "Black and Yellow" came on, everyone was repeating in unison "Yea, uh huh, you know what it is," followed by the other lines, which they knew by heart.

Eric Gruneisen

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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