The Road to Rowdytown: An exclusive look behind the scenes with Big Gigantic

Salken tested the cymbals, tweaked a few screws, and generally looked relaxed all through sound check. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

Salken arrived slightly earlier than Lalli to the venue for sound check. Carrying in his cymbals and some other gear, Salken took to this drum kit to work out any kinks and test the structure with which he has perched on for the 2012 tour. (It debuted at the Boulder Theater in January).

GRiZ with manager Nick Guarino as they two arrive at the venue with Dominic Lalli. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

All in all, the sound check took around two hours to complete. As Lalli and Salken were finishing up, GRiZ (aka Grant Kwiecinski) and Raw Russ (aka Berk Gibbs) were chilling on stage waiting their turn. Main support Macklemore and Ryan Lewis checked through some songs, tweaking audio for the trumpet and vocals provided by, as lyricist Macklemore put it, "the heavenly voice of Ray Dalton."

Before anyone even sees the light show, final checks are fun on all panels. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

This was the first Red Rocks show produced by ThisSongIsSick.Com, the site run by Nick Guarino, and it went off without any problems -- that we could see at least. Guarino has been hard at work over the past five years shedding light on new music through his website and generally blowing up artists long before they reach the mainstream light.

Has it paid off? Oh yes. Guarino was all smiles all night as each artist performed, and he got the best recognition, as if the 10,000 people at Red Rocks haven't visited his site before, when Macklemore threw him direct props. That has to be a cool feeling.

Lalli and Salken connect for the first time on their big day. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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