The Road to Rowdytown: An exclusive look behind the scenes with Big Gigantic

Macklemore sound checks with Ryan Lewis and his team while Guarino and Kwiecinski set up. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

On the heels of the massive success he's enjoyed with TSIS, Guarino has taken on management duties for GRiZ. The two have become an unstoppable duo in the music world, and the chemistry between the two is palpable. Ensuring his spot at Rowdytown wasn't some favor -- GRiZ has been making bigger waves in music than anyone else producing right now, including cameo spots with Gramatik (appropriately nicknamed "GRiZMatik"), as well as collaborations with Big Gigantic (Lalli later pulled him out on stage during the Big G set for two songs.)

In the famous tunnel, Baruch leaves the Rowdytown hashtag for all to see. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

As the openers commenced their sets, Salken and Lalli were running around backstage shaking hands and giving hugs to friends and family. A late arrival, Dillon Francis came up the backstage entrance, and after dealing with the strict security at the door, was finally let in to the venue at roughly 7:30 -- minutes before his start time. Lalli met him at the door with passes and escorted him straight to his green room -- and then straight to the stage.

Francis arrived on site a little late, and Lalli was there to escort him in. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

At this point, it was all business, with Lalli making sure artists were getting to the stage on time. Ben Baruch, meanwhile had changed into a signature pink button down, and Salken was just looking chill. The moments before taking the stage at Red Rocks has to be one of the most intense feelings in the world, yet Lalli and Salken were all smiles, either hiding it perfectly or soaking it all up. These two guys are humble about their success and grateful for everyone who has helped them along the way. The backstage area was literally buzzing with local celebrities and friends (Elm & Oak crew, members of TwoFresh, both sides of Lalli's and Salken's families and the Cinesthetics video production team, among others.

For most of the night, the guys were backstage sharing laughs and hugs with visiting friends and family. Slide show: Big Gigantic at Red Rocks

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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