Logistixx of Drop Switch on his lyrics: "I wanna draw a picture in the listeners' mind..."

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Cameron Youngman

"Same page, different level, the music singing today.
A different message. Did you get it? Well, prob'ly a different way.
Compared to what's written, compared to what's spoken, I gotta say
It'll never sound better than the music that we play."

It's a little defeatist to try to explain, in words, the ineffectiveness of speech. The wonderful thing about Logistixx's words is that they remain simple and generalized and they don't overreach, and that's the genius of them. Very plainly, Logistixx explains that the words he speaks can never match up to the musicality with which he and his band communicate. As soon as Logistixx finishes this passage, the instrumentation behind him dives into a wonderfully expressive guitar solo, illustrating beautifully Logistixx's last two lines and completing the sentiment.

"What we were saying is pretty much just...how you get a different message when speaking a message through music rather than just talking about it," he says. "'Same page, different level, the music speaking today,' pretty much, is saying that you can be talking about the same thing, but when you're doing it with music, it's on a different level. I was trying to get to [the idea that some of the most important things that can be communicated, you can't really communicate explicitly with words.]

"What I do when I write lyrics: I want to connect with the most listeners that I can," he concludes. "You can feel me do it through speaking; if you do it through music, it captures more people's minds. More people are in tune with it. Even if you cover certain topics, more people can relate to it."

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