A$AP Rocky at the Ogden Theatre, with Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q, 10/16/12

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Britt Chester
Danny Brown last night at the Ogden Theatre.

Danny Brown began the evening in a ratty stretched-out T-shirt that suited him well. This guy's voice makes it sound as if he's disgusted with everything, and it just adds authenticity and grime to his already obscene lyrics. In his performance of "Monopoly," when Brown says, "I done served fiends on they menstrual/Ain't even had pads, stuffed they panties with tissue," the image is so disgusting, and Brown sounds so disgusted, you just know it's a true story. Brown also performed crowd favorites "Molly Ringwald," an ode to all the "redhead hos," and "Blunt After Blunt." When he was finished, he said, frankly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, "That's my time, and I'm so glad it is, 'cause I'm rollin' off molly and these lights are fuckin' me up."

Britt Chester
Schoolboy Q last night at the Ogden Theatre.

Next was Schoolboy Q, who was absolutely electric with his energy, and, unlike Rocky, it worked fully in his favor. He started off with two of his best tracks from this year's Habits & Contradictions, "Oxy Music" and "Nightmare on Figg St." One enjoyable moment, which Q may forever have to endure, is that in his best song, "There He Go," he says, "Word to Dr. Dre./Detox is like a mix away," which is funny, because, as we all know, Detox is never coming out, but that didn't take away from his thoroughly enjoyable set.


Personal Bias: Danny Brown is my favorite rapper right now. He destroys every verse he gets on, and he's so versatile. I would not have objected had they reversed the bill. That's not to take anything away from the other performers, who are also awesome.

Random Detail: Schoolboy Q has lost a lot of weight since the last performance I saw of his online. Good on you, buddy.

By The Way: Danny Brown performed Ab-Soul's "Terrorist Threats" and Schoolboy Q performed Kendrick Lamar's "ADHD," both tracks that the leading artists performed themselves last week in this very venue.

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Ogden Theatre

935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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