The ten best concerts this week: October 15-19

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Eric Gruneisen
Smashing Pumpkins at 1STBANK Center is one of this week's ten best concerts.

Hope you got good and rested this past weekend, because you're going to need to tap into your energy reserves for the insane amount shows going down this week. We have all of them listed in our concert calendar, of course, if you'd like to get the full view. Otherwise, below, we've narrowed it down to your ten best bets for the week. Keep reading to see our picks for the week's ten best concerts.

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As the latest solo project to come out of the Americana collective Paper Bird, Esme Patterson's All Princes, I is probably the most radical departure from her band's bluegrass/Dixieland sound. Pulling from influences as varied as Van Morrison, CBGB-era punk and Motown, the record is an authentic and infectious gift to the scene. Produced by Roger Green, Patterson's solo album also boasts an impressive roster of local talent, with Nathaniel Rateliff, Ben Desoto, Mike Fitzmaurice and Princess Music's Tyler Ludwick all lending a hand on different tracks. (Esme Patterson's CD release show is slated for this Saturday, October 20 at L2 Arts & Culture Center.)

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Mark Barger
Mark Barger

How could you miss The xx at Boulder Theater on Wednesday?

Juice Brenner
Juice Brenner

i see live music as my profession...i've got 1 out of all your choices for the week, the last 2 weeks were just as bad. your choices are horrible, smashing pumpkins, madonna, deftones this week are on your list, when were the last revelent??? please before i get furious.....step it up!

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