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Prodigy - Independent: Half of the legendary Queensbridge rap duo Mobb Deep might be pigeon-holed as an Obama supporter given the broad support the President receives from the hip hop community, but Prodigy was firmly planted in the Ron Paul camp. He discovered Paul's political ideology while serving three years in prison on gun charges. Since then, he's been outspoken Libertarian.

QuestLove - Democrat: The iconic drummer for the Roots might be the reason Pennsylvania became a blue state in 2008. Well, maybe not, but he has been heavily involved in supporting Democratic causes, including an appearance in a campaign video for Obama.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Democrat: Anthony Kiedis took to the streets to show his support for Obama in 2008, and Flea appeared in a video showing his support for the candidate. John Frusciante doesn't like to talk about politics in public, but he didn't object to the band playing the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

Gene Simmons - Republican: What is it with the greats of rock and metal all becoming Republicans? Is it just the money? The man with the most notorious tongue in rock and roll is a stalwart Romney supporter. Originally, Simmons sided with Texas governor Rick Perry, but after Perry dropped out, he decided to rock and roll all night and party every day with Romney.

Bruce Springsteen - Democrat: The Boss has been sticking it to the GOP for almost thirty years. He first locked horns with Reagan in 1984 over the Gipper's use of "Born in the USA" and has stayed firmly left ever since, including's "Vote for Change" tour in 2004, among others. Springsteen, like the Dems, enjoys a lot of support from labor unions.

Survivor - Independent: No, not the TV show -- the band responsible for penning "Eye of the Tiger," one of the greatest inspirational jock jams of all time. They filed suit against Newt Gingrich's campaign for their use of the tune during events. The band could be anti-Republican, or they could just want the licensing dollars Newt owes them.

Hank Williams Jr. - Republican: It's not a huge surprise that Hank Jr. would be a fan of small government and limited federal authority. He once famously compared Obama to Hitler and lost the best gig ever -- singing the Monday Night Football theme song.

Will.I.Am - Democrat: The Black Eyed Pea made pro-Obama anthem "Yes We Can" for the candidate back in 2008, and played the Democratic Convention when the circus rolled into Denver. He admits that Obama isn't a "magic man" that can solve all the country's problems, but he's still a big supporter.

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@theperfectRu Thanks! Actually wrote that during the primaries but it had been on ice since then. Glad it saw daylight.

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