Beats Antique at the Fillmore, 10/27/12

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As the lights rose for the encore, multi-instrumentalist David Satori made sure to inform everyone at the Fillmore the importance of voting, and then went on to note that if you weren't planning on taking part in the process then in the very least, you need to start a revolution. The crowd erupted in response to this notion. Immediately following this, five animal dancers came prancing out, welcoming an inflatable squid that took over the whole stage. In the mouth of the squid stood Zoe Jakes fighting, pushing and struggling to break free from the tentacles, all while wearing a horse-head mask and skin tight body suit. This is Beats Antique in its natural habitat.

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For this Halloween show, Beats Antique took all the creative liberties it could with its set, and it worked out perfectly. To start, belly dancer and musician Zoe Jakes didn't immediately come out with hips blazin' to the beat, but instead, she played along to the beat with her drum and let the sweet operatic vocals enthuse the crowd. Abstaining from the usual visual spectacle right in the beginning showed that although Beats Antique is notorious for a performance piece, the group is not constrained to strictly that type of show.


"Crush" and "Siren Song" both opened up the night, and it wasn't until those were finished that we were finally treated to the belly dancing displays the outfit it known for. Jakes and her fellow dancers, Oberon and Kami Liddle, shared the stage at different moments throughout the night, performing a range of routines that at times mimicked burlesque but never over stepped the boundaries of sexuality. Toward the end, the trio came out to "Bus to Balkans" and performed in unison a perfectly choreographed routine with each dancer receiving ample spotlight time.

Sidecar Tommy and David Satori need no introductions at this point, but it seemed by the way they were playing that they couldn't help but enjoy the moment. The beads of sweat dripping down Satori's face showed the fervor, but it was the nonstop enthusiasm from Sidecar Tommy that really kept the energy up.

It was a nice change of pace from the previous Beats Antique shows due solely to the way the set list was arranged and performed. Classic tracks "Beauty Beats," "Dope Crunk," and "Egyptic" were all played perfectly, even when Tommy and David would take the opportunity to throw in an extended intro to the song or carried the bridges into improvisation. The execution was flawless and gave new life to songs that are relatively guaranteed to please at any Beats Antique show.

In a very exciting turn of events, Lynx joined the trio on stage for a second time (the first being her deliverance of "Crooked Muse" alongside two mermaids) for a ghost-of-punk-rock rendition of "Whole Lotta Love." Wearing a mohawk wig and a cherry red pair of sunglasses, Lynx wailed as Robert Plant's medium and the entire place joined in singing the hook to the classic rock song.

As the set neared its end with "Catskills," Beats Antique's signature animal dancers took over the stage, jumping around and feeding off the crowd's energy. Jakes emerged as a lone horse bringing out the inflatable squid, which was easily twenty feet long, which completely engulfed her.

After performing one of the best set the group has ever delivered, the show came to close with the entire crowd singing along to "Bohemian Rhapsody." No instruments, no vocals: Just the entire place singing in unison along with the two instrumentalists, both in hot dog costumes, and the lead dancer who was orchestrating under a lion head. Beats Antique lives for Halloween, and Denver welcomed it with open arms.

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Fillmore Auditorium

1510 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

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Patrick Kohlwey
Patrick Kohlwey

decent review, but no words on the BassLights trick and treat? Seriously disappointed that they didn't say ANYTHING about the WILDEST part of the night.

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