Madonna at the Pepsi Center, 10/18/2012

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Eric Gruneisen
Madonna last night at the Pepsi Center. Slide show: Madonna at the Pepsi Center


Personal Bias: I'd seen Madonna before in Denver on the Sticky & Sweet Tour in support of her previous album, Hard Candy. That show left me disappointed, so my expectations were lower this time around.

Random Detail:I met the self-proclaimed best friend of Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, in the men's restroom before the show. He was putting on his heels and bridal veil -- it's a Madonna show, after all -- all the while every other dude was just trying to take a whiz. Fast forward an hour, and I see him dancing around just shy of front row center.

By The Way: "Gang Bang" was co-written by William Orbit and Mika -- yep, of "Love Today" and "Grace Kelly" fame.


Pepsi Center - 10/18/12
Denver, CO

Girl Gone Wild
Revolver feat. Lil Wayne
Gang Bang
Papa Don't Preach
Hung Up
I Don't Give A feat. Nicki Minaj
Best Friend / Heartbeat
Express Yourself / Born This Way
Give Me All Your Luvin' feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.
Turn Up The Radio
Open Your Heart
Justify My Love Interlude
Candy Shop / Erotica
Human Nature
Like A Virgin
Nobody Knows Me Interlude
I'm Addicted
I'm A Sinner
Like A Prayer

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Pepsi Center

1000 Chopper Circle, Denver, CO

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Agree with the issue of the 10:45 appearance sucked (especially for us working folk).  Also agree with the opening DJ was a real snooze!  Literally...I had to wake the guy sitting next to me.  The first 30-45 minutes were a bit too 'DARK' for me.  Had high expectations of a fun 'girls night out'.... This wasn't it. 


@HappyClamHL it was awesome!! hail madonna!


I don't know what concert artist_melissa attended, but from my vantage point (upper deck, back of the arena) the sound was fantastic, and the video and lighting were stellar. I'm not a big Madonna fan, but I thought the concert was great. Sure, it was a drag waiting until 1045P, (and the opening DJ was a snooze), but it was worth the wait in my opinion. And all this talk about how disrespectful it was for Madonna to use guns in her performance, in the wake of the the theater shootings, is ridiculous. I didn't even make the connection until after reading those comments online. I guess I should also have been upset when KISS and Motley Crue used flame pods in their show in the wake of the wild fires. Anway.....great show. I stayed for the whole performance and wasn't angry.

Brian Barkley
Brian Barkley

She is a stupid bitch and who cares about what she has done.


I'm sorry I think it was rude of Madonna to come on at 10:47pm and have her fans waiting. I also thought the sound quality was horrific and that no one wants to hear her political views. I left early along with many people and will never ever spend another dime on Madonna again. People should be angry. This concert was a disgrace.

Mike Long
Mike Long

When she asked if anybody'd seen Molly, she meant her nurse.

Mike Long
Mike Long

Breaking news from 1986? Haven't cared since 1996.

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