Peaches at Summit Music Hall, 10/13/12

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Britt Chester

Swinging the mike above her head Roger Daltrey style, Peaches howled out the lyrics to "Talk To Me" as her two dancers marched erratically across the stage, giving jerky British salutes. After disappearing for a quick costume change, the dancers returned for "Lovertits," performing a lion tamer and cat routine, which quickly devolved into some serious grinding as Peaches guzzled down champagne and spit large gobs of it into the crowd.

The dancers' routines were only further debased with their transformation into demon unicorns, the added forehead appendages giving them both a number of copulatory options as they writhed on top each other on the DJ table. Geishas, matadors, sci-fi Moulin Rouge nymphs, each costume change added an increasingly dizzying level of weirdness and neurotic humor to the dancers' routines, a surreal mix of Matthew Barney and Dr. Seuss. Humping the air with one leg propped on the DJ table, Peaches nailed the gender-bending lines of "Boys Wanna Be Her," climbing on top of the table in her flesh colored body stocking to really prophesy atop the cock-rock riffs of the song.

Things eventually slowed for Peaches 3 a.m. karaoke rendition of Tina Turner's "Private Dancer," but she brought the mad energy right back when shouting the question "you guys like pussy?!" launching into her signature, international protest song, "Free Pussy Riot." As the night closed with "Fuck the Pain Away," the floor shook with bass vibrations, like a giant, angry dildo was planted below the stage, infecting everyone there with a cerebral hum that wouldn't be going away any time soon.


Personal Bias: Like many young deviants in the queer scene, Peaches' records have soundtracked many of my late-night bedroom ventures.

Random detail: There were about four or five occasions where the same woman cornered me and proceeded to wordlessly rub her ass on my crotch. Like, really hard. Completely uninvited. And unwelcome.

By the way: My companion to the Peaches show was local musician Lizzy Allen (formerly of Vitamins), who recently played a series of shows singing "Great Gig in the Sky" with The Flaming Lips. After studying the recording Peaches made with the Lips, Allen was eager to hear how the song was executed live.

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Summit Music Hall

1902 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Ru Johnson
Ru Johnson

" a giant, angry dildo was planted below the stage, infecting everyone there with a cerebral hum that wouldn't be going away any time soon." word

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