Marijuana legalized: Lady Gaga congratulates Colorado and other reactions to 64 on Twitter


Update: Snoop D-O-double-G has now weighed in, as has the Spitta, although his shout out is more subtle.

Holy shit! Amendment 64 has passed. Hands up if you ever thought you'd live to see this day: Pot is now legal in Colorado. In case you've been somehow sequestered all night, the results are in, and let's just say our fine city's nickname, the Mile High City, has taken on a whole new meaning. Of course, as one astute observer on Twitter has pointed out, the same can also now be said about the name of our fine basketball team.

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While we're still waiting for the West Coast homies (Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill B-Real is now present and accounted for), East Coast homies (Wiz Khalifa) and the Down South homies (Curren$y, Willie Nelson) to officially weigh in (they're probably all smoking right now), Lady Gaga has already offered props on Twitter (although she's a bit more formal, calling it cannabis), Big Boi has proclaimed the Centennial State as the "New Amsterdam," and Kevin Smith has informed us that we'll be seeing a lot more of him. Keep reading to see a sample of the reactions from the Twitterverse from folks like Just Blaze, Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids, Twiztid and more (spoiler alert: everybody wants to visit and/or move here) -- oh, and bump these tunes when you spark up to celebrate.

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RevBF if we needed more people from California to move here. 

Chris Estus
Chris Estus

I see border crossing stops at all 4 states surrounding Colorado AND searches of all cars leaving Colorado. I see profiling being done by police all over the country if you have a Colorado plate on your car. Enjoy the new freedom.

Noe De Leon
Noe De Leon

Have the Feds stepped in yet? Nope. This is ground breaking, this may be what fixes this economy and makes it booming again!


D.L. Hughley2 hours ago via WhoSay Broadcast: Colorado just legalized marijuana! See u mofos in Denver!!! 

Craig C Thomas
Craig C Thomas

You know what, FUCK the Feds... this is a big middle finger to DC. States' rights, first and foremost...

Mitch Siff
Mitch Siff

I feel a mass border crosssing on the Kansas/Colorado state line.

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