Backwards masking: Ten songs that supposedly contain hidden messages when played in reverse

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By Christian McPhate

For years, hidden messages have allegedly been embedded in music, cryptic musings that could only be heard by playing the vinyl backwards. Backwards masking, as this phenomenon became known, centered on songs by bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, acts that supposedly implanted subliminal satanic messages in their music. Keep reading to see which ten songs purportedly contain hidden messages.

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10. "Hell Awaits" - Slayer
Slayer didn't need to jump on the backmasking wagon, and I didn't need to listen to their hidden message - "Join us" - over and over to purchase their 1985 album. I was hooked as soon as Kerry King raked his pick across the strings of his demonic guitar.

9. "665" - Soundgarden
Some enthusiasts claim that when Chris Cornell used, "I love you Santa, baby; Santa is my king" as his hidden message, he was simply parodying other Satanic bands who hid messages from the dark lord in their lyrics. Joe Dirt, an elderly custodian who sometimes travels with the band, claims that the rock star meant to say "Satan," but he just pissed off the wrong sound mixer.

8. "Tourniquet" - Marilyn Manson
"This is my lowest point of vulnerability," explains Manson when you play this song backwards. It's an unusual message. But never fear, Manson is notorious for backmasking other messages, from "I'm gonna kill you, kill yourself, kill yourself" in "Dope Hat" to "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world" in "Revelation #9."

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Listen up! Excellent topic. hear whats up so you and yours dont fall backwards into a mud hole you cant scramble out of.


On Dio's album Holy Diver.  There is a backwards part at the end of the last song Shame On The Night.

It sounds like he was "we are the crucified"

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