The ten best concerts this weekend: Nov. 16-18

Nas and Lauryn Hill on tour together has to be the hip-hop equivalent of the sentiments expressed by the first person to ever combine chocolate and peanut butter: How did this not already exist? Each a legend in his/her own right -- Nas' Illmatic and Ms. Hill's The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill are classics of the highest order -- the duo are co-headlining the Life is Good/Black Rage Tour, which takes its name, respectively, from Nas's most recent record and a new song/spoken word piece by Hill, respectively. Missing from the music world for a number of years, Hill has been performing more regularly of late and debuting some new material this year. Nas, meanwhile, drops a new album every two years with flows as sharp and focused as ever. If seeing both of them sharing a bill wasn't enough already, their sets will be backed by a full band.

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Bryan Berkowitz
Bryan Berkowitz

The New Mastersounds at Cervantes' Denver with Good Enough For Good Times Opening at 9:30 Tonight!

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