The ten best concerts of the week: Nov. 19-23

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Soren McCarty
Bruce Springsteen shows Denver who's the Boss tonight at the Pepsi Center.

Another weekend in the books, another week ahead. But oh what a kickass week this one will be. For starters, not only will it be abbreviated for most of us, thanks to the annual Tryptophan-filled holiday devoted to overeating and football, but next to perhaps New Year's Eve, but this is also the biggest and most hotly anticipated party week of the entire year. With that in mind, you'll find an abundance of great music to soundtrack your excursions/indiscretions. And while we've got it all laid out in our concert calendar, here, we've done the heavy lifting for you and narrowed it down to the ten best concerts of the week. Keep reading to see what's goodness awaits you.

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Australian Pink Floyd is precisely what it sounds like -- a bunch of Aussies mimicking the spirit and sound of classic Floyd. And while granted, on paper, this premise seems only slightly more entertaining than sparking a fatty with your buddies and taking in a Laser Floyd show at Gates Planetarium back in the day, this now eleven-piece tribute band has been at it for more than two decades and its honed its show to the point that when the members perform their spot-on renditions, it sounds more like they're channeling Waters, Gillmore and company rather than simply imitating them. Gillmore himself reportedly enlisted the group to perform at his 50th birthday party.

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