The ten best concerts this weekend: Nov. 23-25

Jonny Magowan
Death Grips at the Larimer Lounge tonight is one of this weekend's ten best concerts.

Welcome to the weekend -- excuse us, make that the holiday weekend! Whoo hoo! If all is going according to plan right now, hopefully you're reading this right now in your jammies -- or better yet, you won't be reading this for a few hours because you're taking advantage of your day off and you're still sleeping. Whatever the case, you have a banner weekend on tap with a bevy of sweet shows. If you're a completist and you'd much rather craft your own itenerary, have at it. We have all the shows listed in our concert calendar. If you'd prefer a more curated approach, we narrowed it down the ten best concerts this weekend. Keep reading to see what's in store.

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Sid Pink was heartbroken. So he did what any reasonable, red-blooded American man his age would do: He penned a rock opera about the ordeal -- or a "rockeretta spectacular," as the show's poster proclaims -- with the help of a crack team of musicians affectionately christened American Fuck-Tape "About eighteen months ago, I suffered a devastating episode via Real Life," Sid explains in an e-mail, "courtesy a hotsy-totsy Los Angelinan [but former Denverite] who seemed to find folly undertaking an unnecessary heart-surgery on your old Uncle Sidney." The Yellow Machine, as the one-off production has been dubbed, actually sounds eventful, especially the part about a white baby grand piano being lowered from the ceiling. At the risk of overselling things, Sid describes The Yellow Machine live experience as "Hedwig meets Alice Cooper meets...hustle and connections budget."

See also: Sid Pink brings The Yellow Machine "rockeretta" to life Friday at the Gothic

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Thanks for the shout on this month's Solution Showcase with Danny!.  The show is actually tomorrow, Saturday, 11/24 and not tonight though.  All the info is at if anyone needs more details.  Thanks!!!


I have friends in Houston & Dallas & it's AMAZING how prominent METAL remains in the region in this day & age . ESPECIALLY considering those city's MASS minority populations .

Tell me , what happened to Denver ?


dave.herrera moderator editor

 @djlowkey Typo. Our bad, Low Key. Amended. Thanks for the heads-up -- and for the continued enlightenment.

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