The ten best concerts this weekend: Nov. 23-25

1. DANNY! @ MEADOWLARK | SAT, 11/24/12
Born Daniel Keith Swain, the MC, known these days simply as Danny!, comes with some pretty heavy endorsements from Jay-Z and ?uestlove, and here locally from DJ Low Key. The tastemaking hip-hop DJ and Solution co-founder, who previously introduced Denver to Blu, just before he dropped Below the Heavens, and Tayna Morgan, is bringing Danny! to town for the tenth edition of the Solution Showcase. If you're a hip-hop fan, that should tell you just about everything you need to know to come check out this South Carolina-based rapper, who's been in the game now for nearly a decade. But just in case you still somehow need convincing, hit up Spotify real quick and listen to "Do It All Over Again" from Payback, his Okay Player debut. Yep. That should do it. Not only will you get a good feel for his flow, but he succinctly lays out the highlights of his story.

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Thanks for the shout on this month's Solution Showcase with Danny!.  The show is actually tomorrow, Saturday, 11/24 and not tonight though.  All the info is at if anyone needs more details.  Thanks!!!


I have friends in Houston & Dallas & it's AMAZING how prominent METAL remains in the region in this day & age . ESPECIALLY considering those city's MASS minority populations .

Tell me , what happened to Denver ?


dave.herrera moderator editor

 @djlowkey Typo. Our bad, Low Key. Amended. Thanks for the heads-up -- and for the continued enlightenment.

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