Getting stoned with Wheelchair Sports Camp

Jason Paul Roberts
Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp.

Do you guys get high before you record or go on stage?

Kalyn Heffernan: Before, during, after.

Isaac McGaha Miller: But it's not like, "Oh, we're going on stage in five minutes; better get high."

Abi McGaha Miller: I don't like to get high before I go on stage, to be honest.

Can it hinder your performance? Or does it help?

Abi McGaha Miller: I don't like to before I perform live, because it takes me out of the moment. But that's just me -- it's a brain-chemistry thing. I would rather smoke when I have nothing to do. This is all new to me, since I just got off probation from being busted in Texas.

I understand a lot of musicians have been busted down there.

Abi McGaha Miller: Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg -- so many people have been busted in Texas.

Kalyn Heffernan: The cops were like, "Fuck you, Colorado. Where's the weed?" Once they saw what state we were from, it was all over.

Isaac McGaha Miller: It was very, You ain't from around here, are ya, boy?

Kalyn Heffernan: Jenna had a baggie under her seat that had been there for years. We didn't even know about it. All it had left in it was some keef. On me they found an unloaded one-hitter, so I got a paraphernalia ticket. Luckily they didn't find the half-ounce I was sitting on.


Kalyn Heffernan: Yeah, it was in my wheelchair. I thought for sure they were going to find it.

Do you find that a lot of Denver musicians smoke weed?

Isaac McGaha Miller: A lot of Denver smokes weed.

Kalyn Heffernan: Even up in Washington, where they also legalized weed, it doesn't feel so in your face. Here it's like: Smoke weed or die. I mean, when I moved here from L.A. at ten, I was already getting sweated about smoking weed.

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I rarely comment on articles but this one was AWESOME. Best interview I've read in a long time. Made my laugh, made my smile, and although I'm honestly not a fan of this band's music, this Q&A did give me a whole new appreciation for who they are and what they do.

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