In honor of Amendment 64: Ten stoner anthems, overt hip-hop odes to Mary Jane

Brian Landis Folkins

Today's election marks a potentially monumental day for our state. With Amendment 64 on the ballot, Colorado is on the cusp of being the first state to regulate marijuana like alcohol. In honor of what could be a historic moment in the legislative annals of the Centennial State, we've compiled ten overt odes to Mary Jane.

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10. Cam'Ron - "Purple Haze"
Killa Cam is known for his signature flow and cadence. Here he expresses his affection for Mary Jane in the opening lines saying, "Glad I got you, baby," a sentiment bolstered by the chorus, which features a sped-up sample celebrating his dependency: "You were my crutch/You were my crutch when I fell."

9. The Luniz - "I Got Five on It"
Yukmouth and Numskull made up the Luniz, and while they're not together anymore, this song is a classic, appreciated by anybody who is tired of being the sole provider for their crew's smoking habits: "'Cuz I'll be damned if you get high off me for free/Hell, no, you better bring ya own spliff, chief."

8. Redman - "Pick It Up"
The cleverness and originality of Redman is often understated. This track is filled with signature Redman punchlines, punctuated by a funky, uptempo beat and a masterful hook in the chorus that drives the song: "If you see a bag of weed on the floor, motherfucka, what you gonna do? Pick it up, pick it up."

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