In honor of Amendment 64: Ten stoner anthems, overt hip-hop odes to Mary Jane

7. Three Six Mafia - "Where Is the Bud"
This 1996 song has a heavy, bass-driven beat, accompanied by Lord Infamous's nasal vocals. In an almost staccato fashion, the rapper brags about how much he smokes, even though he's looking for some product. If he was in Colorado, he probably wouldn't have to look too far.

6 - Devin the Dude - "Doobie Ashtray"
Over a DJ Premier beat that is smooth, slowed and funky, Devin waxes on a subject that almost any marijuana enthusiast can empathize with: The MC wants to smoke, but he can't because someone has cleaned out his doobie ashtray.

5. Styles P - "Good Times"
The chorus revolves around the line "I get high, high, high, high every day." The beat is slow and simple, over which the L.O.X. member laces it with lyrics like, "I smoke like Bob Marley did/Add to that, I smoke like the hippies did, back in the '70s." The Swizz Beats-produced track is perfect for stoners to blast out while prepping for their favorite pastime.

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