In honor of Amendment 64: Ten stoner anthems, overt hip-hop odes to Mary Jane

4. Scarface - "Mary Jane "
The dark, brooding beat here is seductive and smooth -- so smooth, in fact, that Ashanti took it and remixed it for her debut album. Scarface, a veteran in the game, released this track on his 1996 release Untouchable. With lines like, "Happy when I hear your name/Do your thang, Mary Jane," the song is laced with the reasons that Scarface loves the merry little plant. A wonderful ode to marijuana.

3. Afroman - "Because I Got High"
This song launched Afroman and remains his only hit. The song is fun and memorable, with lines like, "I was gonna go to class, but I got high/I could have cheated and I could have passed, but I got high." Throughout the song, Afroman lists the things he would or wouldn't have done if he hadn't gotten high, then details the aftermath. This is definitely one of the most memorable songs about the chronic ever.

2. Bone Thugs N Harmony - "The Weed Song"
The catchy song starts off with Krayzie Bone singing, "Take me higher, higher, baby." Melodic with an interesting piano riff, the song caps off each verse with a soulful drop followed by Bizzy Bone singing, "The weed can't get no better." Each member goes through their tales of how they came to love weed or an interesting tale of their day-to-day relationship with Mary.

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