Action Bronson on how he and Alchemist wrote Rare Chandeliers underwater while scuba diving

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So what did Alchemist bring to the table on this project?

Well Alchemist is a fuckin' legend, first off, so just working with him was an honor. He's coming from Queens. He has a lot of knowledge of Queens rap and a lot of history in the Queens rap game. It just was a perfect match. His beats are sinister and amazing and musical, and he's just a great guy.

Yeah, I mean you definitely get a sense for his knowledge of music with the depth of samples. Were there any in particular that you especially liked?

I mean, "The Symbol," just when he started playing that record and found that sample, I was just going nuts. I mean, I love every single song on there, so that's why it's on there is because every single beat that he played on there went nuts.

Yeah, I read that you guys recorded like forty songs before you felt like you had enough to start wildling them down.

Yeah, honestly, we wrote that entire album underwater, on some crazy shit. We were Scuba diving, and we got all the ideas underwater.

What do you mean underwater?

Like, yo, the entire album was written underwater.

You mean literally underwater?

Literally Scuba diving, we wrote the whole album.

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Was it tough to get into that mindset, or was it something that just sort of happened right away?

Well, being in the Alchemist studio, you're just inspired automatically. You're just facing the machine type of dude keeps on working, and I'm a workhorse.

I know you say that Kool G Rap is your main influence, and it definitely shows with...

Kool G Rap and Cam'ron. Pimp C.

And you have that sort of Mafioso, luxurious style. What attracts you to that sort of life?

It's just you know, think of all the rappers that come from where I'm from: Nas, Prodigy -- think of the lineage -- Mr. Cheeks, Big Twins. Like think of all the Queens rappers that came before me and how they rapped. It's just a long line -- Tragedy Khadafi, you know?

So have you always been heavily into the local rap scene, like always going to local shows and stuff like that?

Nah, never. I always listen to rap, and my favorite rappers just happen to be from [Queens.]

You've collaborated with a lot of the new guys who are sort of up and coming in the scene, like some of the dudes from Odd Future, I know you worked with, and Riff Raff and Das Racist. Is there anyone that you're most excited to hear more material from?

I mean, I've collabed with a lot of people. I'm just interested in hearing what everybody has, from A$AP Rocky to Schoolboy Q to Joey Bada$$ to everybody, to just listening to Earl's new shit that he did with RZA, and just like, "Damn, this kid got it."

Have you done anything with Joey Bada$$ yet?

Yeah, I have... It didn't come out yet. It didn't come out yet. It's gonna be on his new joint.

Is there anyone still out there that you haven't worked with that you really want to?

Pretty much everybody that hollered at me, like Mac Miller, Wiz -- I've worked with a lot of big names, and I don't, you know, I just work with whoever hollers and whoever's a fan and whoever wants to work. I'm not really interested in anything like that. I'm really self-centered when it comes to music. I just want to get my shit ready.

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