Chris Liebing's not a fan of "ultra-commercial" EDM, but it stirs interest in the underground

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What can you tell us about your new label, CLRX?

The new label, CLRX, is basically the platform for all things that are not explicitly techno, but come from a slightly different angle. It's a more open platform, and MOTOR is the perfect example. So if there are more demos coming in with an industrial, rock-based electronic-music vibe, those are the potential candidates to be released on CLRX.

I know you've been a longtime proponent of the various advances in music performance technology, such as Ableton and Traktor, which have reshaped the art of deejaying over the past several years. What are some of your thoughts on that, and can you tell us about your current deejaying setup?

There is great video on, a San Francisco-based website, where I completely explain my whole setup. I believe that the current technology really gives us a chance to play and express ourselves much more in a way we actually want to, without being limited or restricted by technical possibilities.

What gear are you using in the studio?

The most important thing is my monitoring, which is a pair of PMC MB2 speakers on custom-made stands with very good amplifying and a custom-made Hot House subwoofer with a Hot House 1000 amp. This is the most important part of my studio I need for listening to the music. Regarding any other gear to create sound, I mostly use Ableton.

Who are some of the producers who've really been doing it for you lately?

Oh, there are many. Psyk, for example, a Spanish producer who has been doing some really good music lately. Then the label Token Records has a lot of great producers out there. And obviously if you check out CLR, there are some great producers on there, as well. And of course there is Rebekah; there is so much music I play of Rebekah right now. There really is a lot of great music around at the moment.

This will be your first-ever performance in Denver, and you rarely perform in the United States (except in the biggest cities). Why is that?

Well, that's my first appearance in Denver, which is great, as I heard so much about this city, and you are very close to the mountains. I love to ski, and even though this time I obviously don't have time to go skiing, I hope that people will enjoy my set, and that it will give me the opportunity to come back for a longer stay next time.

I have been traveling to the United States in the past fifteen years on a quite regular basis, but I must say that over the last few years there has been much more demand on this side. I am traveling to the U.S. already every second month right now, to the East Coast, the West Coast, and, as you can see, for the first time, to Denver now. So I can see that there is an increase in the demand of this kind of music.

What can we expect from you Friday night in Denver?

Oh, I hope that you can expect a banging night of good, full-on, bass-heavy techno that is going to move everyone and that everybody will have a lot of fun. That's the goal, to have a lot of fun together, and I will surely do my best to provide this.

Chris Liebing, with Daegon and Deciprocal, 9 p.m. November 16, NORAD Dance Bar, 821 22nd Street, $20-$25, 303-297-7884..

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