Paul Kalkbrenner on how he keeps his sound pure by not listening to anybody else's music

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With the evolution of new sub-genres like dubstep, remixes with pop artists and all of the other new things happening in electronic music, I find it interesting that you've managed to experiment strictly within the parameters of techno. Can you talk a little bit about what it's been like to see the genre explode and where you might or might not be going with it in the future?

I just had here, today, a Berlin electronic music magazine in my hands. They showed a cover from 1993, and it said that electronic music was going toward breakbeats and trance -- like all the times, from deep sounds to bass music, the genres were actually competing about dominance and into older styles of dance music. I see, the older I get, the more things that are happening in the development of the kind of music. And the things happening, I more and more see them coming and I less and less wonder about it. It more and more goes also like I'm expecting it to do.

And with the EDM music, I'm not surprised about this kind of music, what makes dance music popular first -- the singers, hip-hoppers, reggae music -- that's why I take care to make a fully instrumental album, nobody sings or has anything to say. That's a good side effect of never knowing what's going on, the sound of today, this autism, locking myself away takes me away from having any idea of what could be up-to-date or modern. All the rappers who rap as a feature on David Guetta's music -- they're being used for a feature.

You've had a very successful career so far, but what are some things left that you'd like to accomplish still?

I was very interested in music, football and politics, so I have to do this in my life after each other. Maybe I can apply somewhere to work for the German Football Association, in the media or something, to accompany the German national team. That's my next big step. Because with techno...I'm in my mid-thirties. I'll do it till forty and then see what's next.

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