Fresh local hip-hop from SP Double, Mr. Midas, SF1, Turner Jackson and Kid Hum and more

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There's a ton of fresh music from the scene, including Colorado Crates Vol. 1, a free compilation hosted and mixed by SP Double and featuring a bunch of local favorites, including SP, Mr Midas, Innerstate Ike, Foodchain, Cola Diva, Spoke In Words and more. Speaking of Spoke In Words, he's also dropped a new track with Surpass Flavor. Shane "SF1" Franklin, meanwhile, just released his album Inamorata, and Turner Jackson and Kid Hum have posted "Malt Liquor," the first single off their upcoming project, ABC. Keep reading to see what's good.

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"Let Em Know" is a great track for the recently passed Halloween season, but it's never the wrong time for a little bit of lyrical gore. The cut boasts a creepy sort of lurching beat produced by C-Ray that sets the scene for SP Double's vivid, gruesome lyrics. Double uses assonance effectively to propel his unconventional rhyming style, which ends up working well with the subject matter. The track moves like a hulking abomination dripping with swag.

The art of storytelling is one of the oldest, most cherished practices in hip-hop. Many try, but an MC that can do it well -- bring immediacy to the story, paint vivid pictures and give the story importance -- is pretty uncommon. You can definitely tell that Mr. Midas has his heart in "Story to Tell," and with moments where the song seems to stop at these pivotal moments makes the tale a treat to listen to. The beat is soulful, full and has a little bit of a duality to it, like the lyrics. You never want a story to be all sweet, or all sour; this one has a nice balance.

"Think I Can Rock It" is an interesting track. The beat sounds like it was devised for some 32-bit video game, but you absolutely can't avoid nodding your head along. The sinister organ that takes the forefront of the sound rhythmically modulates pitch and just embeds itself in your brain. Sol P delivers simple but powerfully spoken lyrics with a cadence and tone that compliments the beat's straight ahead rhythm. Sol P brings a different, rougher, more street-level style than most Colorado MCs. It's the kind of style that brings you back to the '90s California rap scene, and it definitely works.

Keep reading for the drop on more fresh, new local hip-hop

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