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There have been quite a few songs in the last few years that try to describe the recent phenomenon of sexual and technological intersection. "Digital Girl" does it as well, if not better, than any of them. Besides the aesthetic, built with wistful yet emotionally removed production from Cesar Gonzales and catchy, robotic vocals from Betsy Ruckard, SF1 whisks through an array of very clever turn-of-phrase puns meant to turn you on, technologically and sexually. There is a little bit of cheese here, but it works. After all, there's nothing particularly deep about these OKCupid, Missed Connection, sexting relationships. They're fun and fleeting, like this song.

Turner Jackson, Kid Hum and Sid Madrid collaborate to deliver "Malt Liquor," a bittersweet ode to alcohol, over a tipsy beat from Kid Hum that's as repetitive and spellbinding as a night of drinking shot after shot after shot. Each of the verses provide a different lens through which to see this chaos-inducing liquid: Madrid kicks off the tune with a verse that plays like a disconnected and blurred recollection of a blacked-out night, while Jackson reflects on a friend's DUI, which is sobering in the middle of two other verses that get caught up in their own intoxication.

Surpass Flavor and Spoke In Wordz trade 16s to give this Shocker G-produced track a real old-school cipher feel. The beat to "A Tribe Called Mex" is pretty minimal with most of the rhythm provided by G's heavy ride and sparsely placed but super funky guitar. The rest of the rhythm comes from the two MCs natural cadence. This is a great track to test out Colorado's newly passed Amendment 64, as it hits you right in the chops without requiring too much attention. A great songs to chill out to.

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