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Myke Charles first made waves delivering Eminem's lines from "Love The Way You Lie" as a part of a cappella vocal group Urban Method, one of the top three finalists on the last season of NBC's The Sing Off. Now Myke is back to writing his own lyrics espousing and exposing Denver with "100 Degrees." Myke's delivery is on point and varied, and he blends straight-ahead lyricism with the singing voice we always knew he had. Add Paul Junior's production, and the result is a joint primed for radio.

"I'm high as hell and I didn't even smoke anything," Pries says at the beginning of "Contact High." This is the feeling the rapper communicates with his chill flow, relaxed lyrics and nod-inducing hook along with producer Kountdown's ethereal sample of Telepopmusik's "Breathe." This song was first released at the beginning of the year, but it was recently included on the soundtrack for the upcoming stoner comedy, Highway, starring Devin the Dude. The soundtrack inclusion places him with the likes of 2 Chainz, UGK, Schoolboy Q and Asher Roth, among others.

Beginning with an fierce tirade from Robert De Niro from The Untouchables BURNTmd, "Smooth Criminal Part II" walks the thin line between aggressive and smooth. BURNTmd provides a vicious verse one and, for verse two, employs Craig G from the Juice Crew, who provided a verse for a Marley Marl track that this track samples. That's a smooth move if ever we've seen one. With cuts from DJ Grazzhoppa and production from Reef Ali, the track samples from a bevy of other sources, as well -- from Nas to Eazy-E to Big Daddy Kane -- this one goes way back.

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Thanks for the love on our new vid for Myke Charles!  We had a blast shooting it!!

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