Dave Matthews to perform for free Sunday in Aurora for Obama/Biden grassroots event

Eric Grueisen
El Presidente last night at the CU Events Center in Boulder.

Update: Campaign reps alerted us to an error in the initial release: Dave Matthews will be appearing solo. Our post has been amended to reflect this.

There are four days until the election. Only four. We know this because, well, at least a dozen helpful Obama for America volunteers reminded us last night at his grassroots event at the CU Events Center. But even if we hadn't been on hand to be on the receiving end of that public-service announcement, we could deduce the same by the fact that whoever it is that's going to be our next president will be back in Colorado this weekend. Again. One hopeful will be at Comfort Dental with Alabama frontman Randy Owen (you can RSVP for that gig directly at MittRomney.com), while the other will be in Aurora on Sunday with Dave Matthews. Keep reading for more details.

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While news of Mr. Matthews's impending appearance will thrill a large contingent of our fellow denizens (if you just moved here, Colorado, the land that helped build him, loves it some Dave Matthews), it's not as likely to please some readers, who would no doubt prefer that the Obama campaign would tap "someone with a record deal on a label that wasnt created in a vw bus on phish tour," as rockiesfever put it. If you're among the former constituency, keep reading to find out where you can pick up your free tickets to Sunday night's event at Community College of Aurora-Lowry Campus Quad starting today at 10 a.m. If you're among the latter, as El Presidente urged last night at his rally, don't boo. Vote.

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It's nice to know the great people of the state of Colorado have a higher intelligence than thinking that the amount of whom people attend some concert is what decides our political future.


Dave Matthews sucks nearly as bad as Big Head Todd !!!...


@DenverWestword @davematthewsbnd FREE?


dave mathews band sux. Romneys bringing Skynard to Fiddlers




Coors Events Center, Capacity is 11,064

Red Rocks is 9,566





When Romney spoke at Red Rocks officials from the venue stopped letting people in at 11,000... Thousands more including me and my father in law were turned away. The campaign overbooked the amphitheater and  21,000 tickets were requested.


if obama cant even sell out a venue in boulder, i am sorry to say....Colorado belongs to Romney


@rockiesfever only idiots actually go to these events....

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