Reader on acts going on late, making folks wait: "What's up with the lack of respect for Denver?"

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Brandon Marshall

With the election and the passing of Amendment 64, the discussion has been pretty lively, particularly in response to the Twitter reaction to 64 item we posted yesterday. Among the more interesting comments, one reader hypothesized that there will be border checks put in place to search the vehicles and person of those leaving Colorado and went on to suggest that those with Colorado plates will now be profiled, while another suggested the impending legislation serves as a big middle finger to the establishment in the name of States' rights. The comment of the day, however, comes from Ken Romero, who's incensed by what he perceives as the lack of respect shown for Denver recently by certain artists.

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Brandon Marshall
These people all stayed up late on a school night.

Ken Romero

Was told he did like 3 songs & Obama didn't come out tell 10:45 & spoke for about 1/2hr. I thought that's kinda F*cked because for most of your supporters have work the next day. What's up w/ the lack of respect for Denver? Madonna shows way late, Kat Williams melts down & Dave Matthews does a light set w/ Obama going on late?

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Jeremy Coss
Jeremy Coss

You quote a reader who didn't go to the event? Dave played 5 songs and Obama was late because he got held up in Ohio. Madonna wasn't too late and she's a diva.

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