Asher Roth at Cervantes', 11/14/12

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Britt Chester
Asher Roth last night at Cervantes'.


The key word for the Asher Roth show was "community." In fact, it's almost like it wasn't the Asher Roth show at all. When he wasn't off the stage, deep into the frenzied crowd, the crowd was up on the stage with him, dancing in the forefront with him rapping casually behind them. He interacted fully, forming a constant and genuine connection. He implored everyone to get active (one fan yelled, "We're too high!" which Asher thought was hilarious). He smoked their joints and took shots with them, which sounds like fun, but these small acts of acknowledgement go a long way with a big-name rapper. He also made a habit of taking the phone of people filming to give them a temporary, personal close-up before handing it back.

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Roth opened with "Bastermating" and segued seamlessly into "In The Kitchen," both from his latest mixtape, Pabst & Jazz, a well which he wisely dipped into frequently. The tour was obviously conceived with that excellent tape in mind, given that Chuck Inglish and Kids These Days, his two featured openers, are also featured on the tape. These first two songs were produced by Inglish and Ahser, being the gentleman he is, invited him up on stage to soak in the audience's adulation. Inglish rapped earlier for his own set, and he's a good rapper, but the tracks he did for Roth are real standouts.

Britt Chester
Asher Roth last night at Cervantes'.

With Kids These Days and Drop Switch opening, it was a night for live bands. Not surprisingly, those two groups stood out from the others in terms of energy. Even with his reputation, Roth wouldn't have been able to follow without a band of his own; thankfully, he had one, and a good one at that. Their translation of computerized beats to lively, nuanced instrumentation was impressive. Ash's drummer and bassist laid a steady foundation, while his keyboardist managed to capture the beats' most compelling quality, accentuated by scratching from Wreckineyez, which was more musical than is usually possible from a DJ.

Before performing his second ever single, "Lark on my Go-Kart," he asked the crowd who would be able to recite the lyrics and invited two fans up to the stage to trade bars with him. Midway through the set, Roth announced that his next album, Pierre & the Midnight Tornado, would be coming out in January, and he gave a little sneak preview of a song which much more hardcore than what he has done previously. It was a nice change of pace, and he punctuated his this lively display with a spirited dive into the crowd.

In order to draw the show back a little, Roth then invited all the ladies -- literally, all of them -- up on stage to show their moves, and was content to stand behind them (which, in retrospect, was probably not a terrible view), while the women enjoyed the limelight. Moves like this made the show feel less like a show and more like a party, which brought it back to that primary concern, community. In the spirit of partying, Asher also made time for DJ Wrekineyez showcase his juggling skills. He was going under the leg, behind the back, spinning, doing all kinds of crazy stuff to keep the crowd entertained.

Britt Chester
DJ Wreckineyez last night at Cervantes'.

To close, though he almost certainly didn't want to, Roth performed his smash hit "I Love College," which, after such a fun show, was enjoyable to even the most cynical listeners. For an encore, Asher deferred to his DJ once again, who picked "A Milli," which Roth famously freestyled over. He acknowledged that "this one's a little dull," and to compensate, walked right into the crowd to perform it. Perhaps a skill he learned from college, Asher Roth knows how to throw one hell of a party.

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Cervantes' Other Side

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