Asher Roth at Cervantes', 11/14/12

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Britt Chester
Kruza Kid last night at Cervantes'.

Kruza Kid opened the night with some impressive energy considering his unenviable 8:30 show time. He worked both the microphone and a sampler admirably and could have handled a larger audience than he got. The Dirty Dirty Troll Pack followed with a set that was not confident enough to be swag rap and not reflective enough to be lyrical. The group seemed to be emulating the A$AP Mob in their content and delivery but didn't have the charisma or energy to back it up. In fairness, the sound guy didn't do them justice, with some mikes blaring far too loud while others were far too quiet. The group did get it together for their final song; if only the others were more like that.

The show really began with local fusion band Drop Switch. The energy difference between them and the Troll Pack was simply staggering. Singer Emma Wallingford and MC Logistixx complement each other extremely well and each have the chops to front a similar group by themselves. But the group really shines because they are just that -- a group, and no single person is elevated above the product. Still, you can't say enough about the drummer Colin Mcnellis. He knows when to get flashy. He knows when to blend in. He really understands the songs well enough to do the little things and make them even better.

Britt Chester
Chuck Inglish last night at Cervantes'.

Next was Chuck Inglish, who performed alongside DJ Wreckineyez. Chuck definitely held it down but there was a noticeable drop in energy from Drop Switch; a live band would have definitely helped him, and his set was noticeably short. He's preparing to drop his debut solo album, Convertibles, which, considering his immense production skill, should be an exciting release.

Britt Chester
Kids These Days last night at Cervantes'.

Kids These Days also gave a rousing performance. Like Drop Switch, they fuse together a multitude of genres to produce something unique and exhilarating. Kids These Days, though, rely on precisely executed instrumentation from their blues-heavy guitarist and ska-like horns (a trombonist and trumpeter), along with raw energy of their MC, Vic Mensa. The band had excellent crowd control, once splitting the audience as clean as the Red Sea. Their debut full-length, Traphouse Rock, was recently released and it available on their website for free.

Britt Chester
Kids These Days last night at Cervantes'.


Personal Bias: Like many deep into rap, I was not a huge fan of Asher Roth after "I Love College." Pabst & Jazz completely turned me. It is a very impressive mixtape.

Random Detail: There were more mosh pits at this show than I have ever seen at a rap show.

By the Way: Kids These Days played a song that sounded so much like the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind," I thought it was a cover at first.

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Cervantes' Other Side

2637 Welton St., Denver, CO

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