Dan Deacon at Bluebird Theater, 10/31/12

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Tom Murphy
Dan Deacon last night at the Bluebird Theater.


Before going into "Guilford Avenue Bridge," Dan Deacon told us to gather as much to the west side of the theater as possible to create a pathway on the left side stage ramp to the back of the theater. He then told us to make this a tunnel where two people and then two people and so on until the tunnel lead outside the Bluebird and down the block. The idea was for everyone to dance through the tunnel until "the only people left in the room are the drummer and Chester, and people who have no interest in the performance," Deacon instructed. Turns out, the line didn't go must past the outside of the venue before filing in. Nonetheless, no one else pulls ridiculous stunts like this at their shows and actually gets away with it.

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Tom Murphy
Dan Deacon at Bluebird Theater

It was like this almost as soon as the show got going, Deacon urging the crowd to take various actions, to be involved in the show rather than just watching, as he and the band played through all of America during the course of the show. As he's become known for, Deacon broke any and all expectations the crowd might have had down -- unless, of course, the expectation was to have fun. The music was a cascade of electronics and percussion that whirled with Alan Resnick's psychedelic visuals.

Early in the show, Deacon had some old friends of his from Baltimore who got stranded in Denver because of Hurricane Sandy lead a dance-off in circles at various tiers of the Bluebird with people dancing at ten second intervals. Later, other friends lead both sides of the room respectively in interpretive dancing.

With "Snookered," Deacon told us, "This ends the ritual part of the show." For "True Thrush," Deacon asked those who had downloaded the app for the show to activate it and hold up their iPhones to be the light show. Seemed like dozens of people had done so, and their phones shone with colored lights at points and bright strobes at others. Again, this was something that no one else really does, which is what makes Deacon one of the most visionary and creative performers around right now.

Tom Murphy
Dan Deacon at Bluebird Theater

Before performing "Wham City," Deacon gave a shout out to Rhinoceropolis and praised it as one of the few places in America like it and gave a plug to the after show party at the venue. The ensuing exuberant performance ranks among remarkably exuberant performances in recent memory. Deacon and company didn't skimp on the delivery of their music. The show came to an end nearly an hour and a half after it started with the American tetralogy "USA I - IV." But before that, Deacon urged us all to vote, no matter who it was for, as a gesture against "the rule of oligarchy." The stream of images of the American west and the natural beauty of the country in rolling imagery within a tessellated image and picture within picture footage made America look like a vast, psychedelic landscape. Which, in so many ways, it is.

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