Paul Banks at Bluebird Theater, 11/27/12

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Tom Murphy
Paul Banks at Bluebird Theater

For his part, Banks, though not the kind of performer to hit you over the head with clumsy histrionics, delivered his vocals with a strong but refined and direct emotional force when the song and the moment called for it. Some frontmen chew scenery, as it were, but Banks's delivery reflected the grace and dignity undergirding his songwriting. The main set ended with "Games For Days," and then the guys came back and treated us to "On the Esplanade," followed by "Paid For That."

The opening band, The Neighbourhood from Los Angeles, combined a jangly guitar rock sound with organically downtempo beats and moody, sometimes tense, atmospheres generated by creative use of guitar. It's a relatively new band so you have to forgive a little wearing its influences a bit obviously. But James Rutherford's hip-hop inflected vocals gave the music a reggae-esque lilt. The band played "Sweater Weather" from its excellent I'm Sorry EP and effectively set the tone for what was to follow in Paul Banks's set.

Tom Murphy
The Neighbourhood at Bluebird Theater


Personal Bias: I was already a fan of Paul's singing for Interpol.

Random Detail: Ran into former Pink Swastika's and Mood Syrup frontman Lloyd Arcesia at the show.

By the Way: Banks' band for this show was Damien Paris (The Giraffes) on lead guitar, Charles Burris on drums and Brandon Curtis (The Secret Machines and Interpol) on bass.

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Bluebird Theater

3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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