The Faint at the Ogden Theatre, 11/8/12

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Tom Murphy
Trust at The Ogden Theater

Earlier in the evening, Trust performed a set that essentially featured Robert Alfons dancing and singing while Maya Postepski and another synth player provided the music and beats. Fortunately, Alfons proved an unconventionally charismatic figure who wore what looked like some kind of industrial jump suit, like he was in one of those late '80s industrial bands, except doing the kind of music that you'd imagine would have been very welcome at the Hacienda in the late '80s.

A full, breathy sound sent the music out in a constant, eddying flow, and the beat, though very simple, was hypnotic. For his part, Alfons seemed to be very good at switching from a lower voice to mid-range vocals to what sounded like it could be pitch shifted sounds but was really an excellent and controlled falsetto.

Even though Potepski and the other keyboardist didn't move nearly as much as Alfons, for their part, you could tell they were having fun, and at one point Potepski even had a good laugh at picking up one of the fog machines off the floor and letting the jets spray higher into the air. It also didn't hurt that whoever was providing the light let some interesting contrasting color overlaps happen as a vibrant red met in the middle at a diagonal with a radiant green at one point. It fit the music, which recalled New Order, perfectly.


Personal Bias: Eleven years ago, I went to see the Denver band Rainbow Sugar in Boulder opening for some band called The Faint. I didn't know who they were at the time, but I've been a fan since.

Random Detail: There were a lot of different, interesting T-shirt designs last night, as well as an option for both the deluxe reissue of Danse Macabre and the non-deluxe version, both on CD and vinyl. Now a reissue of Blank Wave Arcade is due.

By the Way: The debut Trust album, TRST, is highly recommended for anyone into a more retro electronic sound or bands like Purity Ring, Neon Indian and Washed Out.


The Faint
Ogden Theatre - 11/8/12
Denver, CO

An Unseen Hand
Drop Kick the Punks
Desperate Guys
Take Me to the Hospital
Agenda Suicide
Glass Danse
Total Job
Let the Poison Spill From Your Throat
Your Retro Career Melted
Posed to Death
The Conductor
Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen
The Geeks Were Right
Call Call
Mirror Error
Mote (Sonic Youth cover)
Worked Up Sexual


[Evil Forces]
I Disappear

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Ogden Theatre

935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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I also was looking for a vinyl reissue of Blank-Wave Arcade at their show, but didn't see one, and think they really need to get on that fast.  ...  And also, it'd be awesome if they did a tour where they played Blank-Wave Arcade in its entirety.  I kind of wish that happened last night. :/.  Great show though! 

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