Titus Andronicus at Larimer Lounge, 11/19/12

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Tom Murphy
Titus Andronicus last night at Larimer Lounge


This was one of those shows where you couldn't tell which band people were there to see. Even when the faces changed up front, the energy level was equally as charged for both outfits. It's rare to see and experience the the type of visceral reaction both acts received. Was it because the show was for ages sixteen and over? If so, we need to have more shows like this in which passive observation is the anomaly.

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Tom Murphy
Ceremony last night at the Larimer Lounge.

Ceremony got things started off with the blistering "Sick." Surrounded by people singing and yelling along with every word, arms raised and fist pumping with complete abandon, Ross Farrar pulled fans toward him as he sang close to the crowd at the edge of the stage. Ceremony got this type of fervent reaction throughout much of its set. If there was any song that everyone didn't know the words to, it was hard to tell. Folks seemed to have absorbed the band's lyrics like this was a band whose music they grew up with and held close to their hearts with an enthusiastic zeal.

"World Blue" went off like a bolt of lightning with its cutting riffs. People surged toward the stage most of the show and many crowd surfed or did stage dives -- to the extent that you can at the Larimer Lounge -- and many times when Farrar came to the front of the stage, he shared the mike with the audience. At one point, a clutch of hyper-enthusiastic guys acting like it was NYHC '88 or something seemed bent on prying the mike away from Farrar because they knew the song so well.

Tom Murphy
Ceremony last night at the Larimer Lounge.

Ceremony is one of those bands that is playing something akin to hardcore with the same sort of emotional affect. Last night, it was like folks set aside whatever inhibitions they had in everyday life for the moment and let Anthony Anzaldo's guitar sound strike a nerve as Farrar surrendered himself fully to the moment. Toward the end, the band played "Everything Burns" from its split 7-inch with Titus Andronicus, and, though fairly new, people knew those words by heart, too. You can't help but be impressed by any band that instills that kind of fandom and loyalty.

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