The ten best movies featuring rappers

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6. Gridlock'd (2Pac)
A film that took on extra relevance due to its release after starring actor Tupac Shakur's death, Gridlock'd was a powerful movie in its own right. Telling the story of drug-addicted musicians, Spoon, played by Shakur, and Stretch, played by Tim Roth, Gridlock'd somehow manages to be endearing, political, funny and heartbreaking all at the same time. In his final performance, 2Pac shows once again that he is almost the force on screen that he is on stage.

5. 8 Mile (Eminem)
Eminem plays Jimmy Smith, aka Rabbit, aka pretty much himself, in this roughly biographical 2002 flick that deals with surviving the underground Detroit rap scene with an added touch of race politics. At its heart, 8 Mile is a story of friendship, loyalty, family, money and, above all, determination. Here, Eminem makes it cool to be white trash, so long as you haven't given up on yourself (while providing a feature-length video to the song of the year, "Lose Yourself"). The film culminates with a series of three intensely cathartic rap battles set in a dive-y venue based off of Eminem's favorite hometown performance spot, the Hip Hop Shop. Plus, Eminem's late best friend Proof makes a brief appearance and Eminem's character battles Xzibit's (see above).

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oh come on now, what about "Disorderlies" with the Fat Boyz!

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