Weekend's best EDM: VS, Chris Malinchak, Roger Sanchez, Michal Menert and more

Aaron Thackeray
Michal Menert sets it off in Breckenridge tomorrow night.

Hallelujah! It's finally Friday. Feel like cutting loose this weekend, having a few cocktails and then cutting a rug like nobody's watching? You've come to exactly the right place. As with every week around this time, we've put together a full rundown of the best EDM options available to you, and there's quite a few events to fill up your Dance Card this weekend, from Chris Malinchak to Roger Sanchez to Michal Menert and more. Keep reading to get the drop on the weekend's best dance bets.

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Tom Murphy

VS, which stands for Vibration Sequence (originally EVS, the "E" standing for "Eternal"), was formed in 2009 by Cole Hopfenspirger and Tom Moore, who met while working at the Cheesecake Factory. Both started in the hardcore scene but had left that world before meeting each other. They were familiar with improvisation-minded bands like the Mars Volta and shared an appreciation for the electronic and rock fusion explored by acts like Sound Tribe Sector 9 and, to a lesser degree, TV on the Radio and Radiohead. Combining their fatefully complementary pieces of electronic gear to create a studio in which they could explore an electro-organic sound that blended tangible musical elements with the purely electronic, the duo has developed a richly detailed and inventive sound that's got one leg in EDM and the other in improvisational rock, without properly sounding like either. You can hear the results on the latest VS album, the fascinatingly eclectic Somewhere. Over There. -- Tom Murphy

Location Info



1909 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Music


821 22nd St., Denver, CO

Category: Music


320 S. Main St., Breckenridge, CO

Category: Music

Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

2637 Welton St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

Larimer Lounge

2721 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery

800 E. 73 Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

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