The ten best EDM shows of 2012

Britt Chester

Well before the rise of electronic dance music in the mainstream, Colorado has always been a strong hold for EDM. This past year we saw more acts than ever come through town, including a record number of which that performed at Red Rocks. We were on hand for most of them, and below we've compiled a list of the ten best EDM shows of the year. Keep reading to see which ones we picked, and as always, if you disagree, feel free to tell us and then weigh in with some picks of your own.

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Britt Chester

10. Gramatik at the Fillmore, 11/17/12
Gramatik has come a long way since we covered his initial Colorado shows. Since signing on with Pretty Lights Music, the glitch-hop/jazz producer has blown up all over the world. In November, he debuted a new light show for his tour, and the electricity was flowing from the Tesla-like coils directly into the crowd. With Talib Kweli on the bill to boot, this show was a no-brainer to include here.

Britt Chester

9. Deep Medi Musik at City Hall, 4/7/12
To celebrate the success of bringing dubstep to Colorado ears for past five years, Sub.mission brought out the big guns with Deep Medi Musik acts like Truth, Mala, Silkie and Quest and Commodo setting things off at City Hall. This special night displayed some of the best dubstep in the world, and served as a fitting celebration of Sub.mission.

Britt Chester

8. GRiZ at Altitude Music Festival at CU Boulder, 4/28/12
GRiZ's performance at this University of Colorado Program Council show firmly established the notion that the young saxophonist/producer would surely find success in the local scene and even more in the national limelight. Since this show, GRiZ has toured the country as direct support for acts such as Big Gigantic and Gramatik, and even headlined his own shows. However, on CU's campus on this night last spring, it was GRiZ that stole the show from Gramatik, Zion I, MSTRKRFT and Robotic Pirate Monkey.

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Glad Pretty Lights didn't make the list, both nights weren't anything special compared to past Pretty Lights shows! Bassnectar maybe could've made the list. Skrillex vs. Knife party could've made the list also but Skrillex's show at Red Rocks definitely had a lot more production go into it!


Pretty Lights & Bassnectar snubs? Those shows didnt make your top 10? You clearly do not know what you are talking about.


Bassnectar and Pretty Lights at Red Rocks blew all of these shows out of the water...


how does deep medi musik make it on this list but not bassnectar red rocks 2 night run or PRETTY LIGHTS red rocks 2 night run?!!! EASILY THE BEST SHOWS OF THE YEAR

dave.herrera moderator editor

@holmesryan18 Thanks for reading and for taking the time to weigh in. Even though those shows weren't included here, we actually covered both Pretty Lights and Bassnectar at Red Rocks. What made them the best for you?

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