The ten best EDM shows of 2012

Britt Chester

1. Rowdytown at Red Rocks Amphitheater with Big Gigantic, 10/1/12
With the first ever grand-scale visual mapping on both the flanking rocks of the venue, Big Gigantic's Rowdytown show, featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Dillon Francis, GRiZ and Raw Russ, easily earns top honors. Performing a healthy dose of new tracks and old hits, the Boulder-based electronic duo more than delivered on its debut headlining show at Red Rocks.

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Glad Pretty Lights didn't make the list, both nights weren't anything special compared to past Pretty Lights shows! Bassnectar maybe could've made the list. Skrillex vs. Knife party could've made the list also but Skrillex's show at Red Rocks definitely had a lot more production go into it!


Pretty Lights & Bassnectar snubs? Those shows didnt make your top 10? You clearly do not know what you are talking about.


Bassnectar and Pretty Lights at Red Rocks blew all of these shows out of the water...


how does deep medi musik make it on this list but not bassnectar red rocks 2 night run or PRETTY LIGHTS red rocks 2 night run?!!! EASILY THE BEST SHOWS OF THE YEAR

dave.herrera moderator editor

@holmesryan18 Thanks for reading and for taking the time to weigh in. Even though those shows weren't included here, we actually covered both Pretty Lights and Bassnectar at Red Rocks. What made them the best for you?

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