Lamb of God's John Campbell talks about the Czech incident and how his brother Jeff from 3 Kings Tavern defiled his Star Wars slippers

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How much creative input did you have, likely a lot, in the video for "Ghost Walking," and what was the concept behind that?

Well, I'm here to dispel your assumptions because it was very little. We saw a treatment of the style before it was done and a treatment of the story, and we approved it. Then some very talented people got to work on developing the idea they had for the video. Not having seen the video in a long time, I couldn't really tell you what the story might be.

Why did you work with Josh Wilber again for Resolution?

Josh is a great dude. I wouldn't say he's a soft-spoken guy; he's not a pushy guy at all, but he's definitely opinionated and really creative and talented. It's really comfortable having him around, and when you go to make a record, getting into that creative space, that's kind of important. We met him when we record with Machine.

He came in and did some engineering. Machine taught us a style of record-making that included a lot of pre-production before you go into the studio. Since that record, that's the style we've been using. With Josh, it's a continuation of that. For a lot of reasons, it made a lot of sense to continue working with him. I love working with Josh Wilbur. I love hanging out with the dude. He's an amazing guy.

Obviously, you're on tour now. And you may have talked about this ad-nauseam, but there was that incident that happened in the Czech Republic. Has that been resolved at this point?

Definitely not. We're waiting to hear what the next step is going to be. We're waiting to see whether they feel like they have a case to take to trial or whether or not it's going to be over and done with.

There's no delicate way to put this, but you were there when the authorities, for lack of a better word, came to get Randy?

Yes, I was. When the SWAT team showed up at the airport in Prague. I walked off the third plane of the day. I was on the skyway walking up to the fourth airport of the day, and we were met with guys in the middle of the skyway checking passports, and I guess he was sending some people to the left and some people to the right. I was sent one way and got to the top of the skybridge and bummed into a ski-masked SWAT team and a plainclothes homicide detectives asking me for my passport. It was a party.

Yeah, that's probably not the kind of thing you have to deal with very often, fortunately.

No, it's not. I think the important thing in all of this is to not lose focus on the fact that a young friend died. That's what really started this whole tragedy off.

Exactly. No one wanted that to happen in the first place. Hopefully the tour is giving you some time away from having to dwell on that too much.

We're incredibly stoked to be getting back to Denver. I actually have family in Denver. My brother and my dad live out that way. Hopefully I'll be making it out to my brother's establishment, 3 Kings Tavern and do a little bit of rock and rolling. Believe it or not, looking at him, Jeff is my older brother. He's alright. I could tell you some stories. I'll tell you a quick one. He farted on my Star Wars slippers that I got for Christmas one year, and it really upset me. He did that on Christmas day as I gloated over the fact that I got these dope Star Wars slippers. It broke my fucking heart.

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