Jazzman John Scofield on jamming with Medeski, Martin & Wood

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Was it weird at first when you guys gigged and you'd see hippies out in the crowd?

It was great. But see, I'm a hippie, and there were hippies before there were these hippies in the '90s. I went to Woodstock, man.

It was a little weird for me since I'd see you play at Yoshi's in Oakland in the early '90s with Joe Lovano, Bill Stewart and Dennis Irwin and then seeing you in Boulder after I moved back here...

All the sudden playing for the hippies. It's weird. Yoshi's and Lovano -- that's about as jazzy as you can get. I'm still trying to figure out what I am. What the hell am I?

You have to mix it up from time to time.

Well, you know, I've always liked doing that. I've always been curious to seek out certain things because I thought it would work for me. You can mix up and it doesn't work, but there all these mixes that do work, and they inspire you. Actually, I'm hooked on mixing it up.

Would you say that A Go Go maybe paved the way for records like Überjam?

Yeah, absolutely.

You said earlier that you're working on some new material.

It's also with the Überjam guys. We're going to go in the studio at the very beginning of January, and that's what I'm working on right now, at this moment. It was Avi Bortnick, an incredible Afro-beat piece that he wrote, that we're collaborating on. I'm working on that. So it's Avi, Adam Deitch, Andy Hess on bass, who is like the second bass player in the band, and then another drummer, too, who is really great, Louis Cato. So I'm working with those guys. And actually Medeski's going to play on a few tunes on that too.

Is going to be along the same lines as Überjam?

Yeah, I think so because I think we've sort of established a way we play and we're going to be using electronics like we did with Überjam. But there's also kind of R&B stuff, old school stuff that is creeping in, some stuff I wrote.

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