Fresh local hip-hop: A Broncos anthem, plus new cuts from Billy Lipz, Young Doe and more

Categories: Hip-Hop

Young Doe feat. Smiggz - "Last Night"
On "Last Night," Young Doe tells a tale about seducing two women over a slow bass-heavy, synth-driven beat. The song is smooth yet hard, with a deep horn playing during the verses in a modern street-style love song. The video, which features Young Doe as a pimp in need of some serious dental work, is dope. This song would be great to set off a night while driving to the club.

"Back It Up" - L-Keys
Squizzy Gang honco L-Keys has dropped a track aimed solely at the club. And the up-tempo tune is well suited to that purpose, with lyrics that hit the bull's-eye on that target. Denver native Scorp Dezel, now an Atlanta resident, provides production that is surprisingly relaxed despite its up-tempo nature. The song has a catchy hook with an infectious snap in place of a snare. L-keys doesn't venture outside of his comfort zone in this one lyrically as he drops lines about ladies, drinks and money, but it works well just the same.

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